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Chess Resolutions

I've made a leap into the unknown by tendering my resignation from my job. I have worked with Marine Corps Community Services for a wonderful 19 years, but between burnout and COVID, I decided that it was time to take a chance by taking a gap period to rest, relax, and reset. In addition to trying new things or doing the things I'll say I'll do when I retire, I plan on playing in more tournaments and visiting chess clubs around my home state and around the country when I visit friends and family.

Chess has been a hobby for thirty plus years now. I've done everything from playing in tournaments to running them. I even had the privilege of organizing and hosting the 2019 US Armed Forces Chess Tournament at Camp Lejeune, NC. I look forward to taking chess on the road and showcasing chess from all over the United States. If I'm lucky, maybe even from aboard.

One primary resolution I have is to revive my twitch stream and include shows about the clubs and tournaments I visit, showcase games I play, and have fun chatting to chess players from all over. I hope to see you in my travels or on stream!

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